Lightning Shell

Please see for more information about Lightning Shell.


The recommended way to run Lightning Shell is from your personal server’s dashboard.

Keep reading if you want to build it yourself. This is not recommended for the average user. Follow these instructions only if you really know what you are doing!


  1. Edit Dockerfile.tmpl as needed.
  2. Run ./ to generate Dockerfiles based on Debian Buster and Debian Bullseye.
  3. Build the image using something like this: docker buildx build --platform=linux/arm64 --build-arg arch=arm64 --build-arg version=dev --file Dockerfile.bullseye .
    • make sure you build using the desired platform (arm64 or amd64) and base image (.buster or .bullseye)
    • pass something like --tag X/Y:Z --output "type=registry" in order to publish the image to your container registry so you can pull it on your personal server